Monday, April 27, 2015

The Story of Hero

My grandfather can never be summed up with mere words though i have tried. The story of a Hero reveals the life of a legend who can never die.
Photo courtesy: Amala Antony

As I put my little boy to sleep one night
He held me close and hugged me tight

"Tell me a story mama" he said
"Not a fairy tale but a tale of a hero instead"

I thought hard but didn't have to think for long
Because I knew of a hero who was brave and strong

"Now listen my dear" I said as I held my little one
"To the story of a hero so amazing...he shone like the sun"

He was flesh and blood, of course that was for sure
But within him, he also had other powers in store

He was a self made boy who became a self made man and  during his time this was tough
He had been through hell and back, his life indeed was rough

But with just his steel mind and bare strength he brought up an empire
That grew and flourished like every man's desire

He was well respected and well loved
Despite his glory, there wasn't an elder before whom his head wouldn't bow.

He was kind and just and willful and strong
But he was a terror to anyone who made any right wrong

An abode to the poor, he helped them stand tall
He was magnanimous because he'd been through it all

Everyone knew his mind was like a sharp dart
But only a handful knew that behind his strong chest beat a beautiful golden heart

Such a handsome hero he towered over all
and yet he would bend double to pick a little baby if it had a fall

He never knew pride though everyone knew his name
He was never a victim to his ever spreading wall of fame

He was a hero who's teachings to men
Showed the importance of first being a human

For he was a loving husband and a loving father
A dutiful son and a wonderful brother

He travelled far and wide because he loved the world
And created good from whatever bad it hurled

His family however remained his joy and pride
His one true prayer was for them never to divide

To this day that prayer has been answered, for they stand together as one
To honor their hero who shone like the sun

"Who is this hero mama?" My son asked me with his eyes wide
"He is the man my son, who can never, ever die"

I take a picture frame off the wall, place it in his tiny hands and show him the face

Of the man who will always have a place
In history, in life, in our family and the earth
A man for whom love would never have dearth

"My grandfather and your guardian angel" I tell him as he looks at my appa in pride
"My mama always told me with him around, happiness would never hide"

"She told me to become a hero just like him; to uphold his name"
"And that is the one thing till today that I claim"

My son kissed his hero's picture and placed it beside his head
"I promise you mama" he told me with a smile "I will be just like appa from the moment I leave this bed"

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