Monday, April 27, 2015


I have been told by some who read my work that it is filled with anger, negativity and pain. I agree. To clear their minds, some turn to alcohol, some to drugs, some to smoke and some to sex. But when my mind fills up to the brim, i clear it with a poem.

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Dread creeping in

I wonder what they’ll say

The moment they see me

I know I’m in harm’s way

It’s something they love to do

Makes me just plain shudder

Words cut through my heart they do

Like a hot knife through butter

They follow me around

And wait for that kink

To shine through my armor

Then they attack without a blink

Saucy tales with a side of tart

Dish after dish they present me

And for dessert on a silver platter

They give me dark dreams…about three

I run and hide and hide and run

Every time with a smile on my face

These vultures they find me

For my hideaway is made out of lace

I’m not cut out for fakeness

My true self inside me screams

For the vultures they fill my head with

A dark winged, murderous theme

They laugh at my agony

And laugh at how I try to recover

From their harpy like scratches

While my face I try to cover

I  want to shout curses

I want to teach them about pain

But that would just set me apart

And make them believe that I’m vain

I would become the girl

Who simply cannot take a joke

Like becoming the devil’s friend

While at me he brandishes his pitchfork

I yearn to break free

But I know I cannot

Because destiny’s silken rope

Binds me to them in an resilient knot

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