Monday, April 27, 2015


A take on our world and the people in it today.

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Whatever happened to humanity
That seemed to have it all
Now all they have are loud mouths
That spin stories so tall

Whatever happened to shut up
And give space to ones faults
Most enjoy bringing them up
Seems at some point an exalt

Whatever happened to privacy
That curtain behind which we hide
Everyone enjoys tearing it down
Including what's left of pride

Whatever happened to nobody's business
Everyone seems to give a damn
About all the world and its business
The word private seems such a sham

What ever happened to good friends
Who you've supposedly made for life
They just love bringing up your past
And torturing to death your wife

Whatever happened to being there
And supporting through thick and thin?
People cackle and drive you up the wall
Its simply too much to ever take in

Whatever happened to kindness
That overrated little word
People pretend to be just that
So that rumors can be heard

Whatever happened to 6 feet under
Where ones past is buried away for good
Monsters stand with shovels and spades
Because rumor carcass is their staple food

Whatever happened to just forget
Such a stupid, stupid phrase
It comes out of most humans
Only when they are in a daze

We're just trying to forget
Because we want a life bright and sunny
No! You don't get to ever bring it up
Just because you think that's funny

Forget! Forget! A chant remains
It's all that's left in our minds
So heaven forbid, all we ask
Is for once in your life, to be kind

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