Saturday, July 7, 2012


(Watching too many zombie apocalypse movies can do this!)

Cruel seems the night
As upon whispered winds i sit
A snail of pain crawls up my arm
the place where i've been bit

A faraway moon
howls down at the earth
An earth filled with the undead
of this fact there is certainly a never ending dearth

Sharp cries i hear all around
panicked people running here and there
But i sit still holding my arm
pausing only to stare

A pointless night this turned out to be
I should have stayed in bed
but heroic me jumped up to find
that everyone around me was dead.

It was old Mrs. Peter
who gave me the bite
As i tried to ease her
of what i thought was fright

Everyone looked leached of blood
My neighbour Jones and his wife Pearl
who trudged after our other neighbours
for the love of me i couldn't locate Agnes, their sweet little girl

Then i saw Agnes and i truly wish i hadn't
crouched over a fallen man
tearing, biting, drinking him in
while his arms spun like a terror crazed fan

Hell fires broke all around
looting was at its peak
Would the dead watch a stolen TV i thought
And for a moment i couldn't speak

There was so much i wanted to do
before i turned into a drooling brainless freak
i thought of my job, of love, marriage and kids
and my zombied eyes of their own accord began to leak

Many of my friends rushed past me
without even a backward glance
at the man who always entertained at parties
with his once funny zombie dance

Terrified and chilled to the bone i sat
waiting for my infection to completely spread
until i too became a monster
that filled survivors with dread

A little boy chased by one
came to me for help and shook me hard
I pointed at my bloody arms
and for a moment his eyes turned into icy shards

He screamed a scream
and away he flew
would he survive, would he remain?
This was an answer god only knew.

My senses seemed to shut down
and i felt my body go numb
I tried to speak or atleast moan
but my tongue seemed completely dumb

I saw not humans around me anymore
merely plump, juicy, tender cattle
running on all fours
without a doubt, the human me had lost the battle

A sliver of drool ran out my mouth
as my dead eyes located a fat boy named Paul
in a fantasy, soon to become i reality, i would run over
throw him onto the ground and start to maul

Paul saw my crazed eyes
and i saw him with fright shiver
I rose from my spot and lurched toward him
my undead body all aquiver

Poor fat Paul did try to run
his enormous fleshy body tried to get away
Though i lurched, i was faster
I drew closer to the panting boy as his body started to sway

My clawed hand curled around his fat neck
my drool fell in rivulets thick
He screeched like a girl
and he tried giving me swift, fleshy kicks

My undead body felt nothing but hunger
as i flung him onto the ground
My nails raked across my face
And his belly my famished mouth found.

I leave out the rest, grotesque as it is
I ate like a mad man until
I was covered in blood, not mine
and yet, i didn't seem to have my fill

I joined my fellow undead
as we made our way through the town
Firemen, policemen, strippers and priests
a once loud mouth comedian now with a crooked frown.

We marched on without a thought in sight
only hunger never ending
maybe you shouldn't have read this poem
never know what message the undead could be sending

Without a smile, without a laugh
we move like a heard none too bright
blind and deaf and dumb, yet hungry
we march on with only eternity in sight.


  1. pls bite urself nd shut ur mouth...crazy woman!!!

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  3. Replies
    1. Glad you see it that way!! :D most people called me crazy!!

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