Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Love Forgotten

You say to me you're faithful
But your eyes betray you so
I say I'll love you forever
Yet my heart beats out a no

The roses you picked out for me
Have wasted away and died
Nothing seems to replace those roses
No matter how hard I've tried

To smile with love is but painful
When we both dont know how
A feeling forgot is all that remains
Like a shard between us now

Emotionless kisses and hand holding
Go on like nothing's changed
But through the brittle facade I see
Breaking a monster, riddled with mange

We meet n greet and laugh so loud
Like we're the perfect pair
When we both know we're damaged
With no soul left to spare

A puzzle piece went missing unnoticed
A long time ago
And when we did notice, we thought
Survival depended only on an arrogant "so?"

And now here we're stuck so stupidly
In time so slow it seems rotten
Trying lamely to pick and prod
At the corpse of love long forgotten