Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Onward you sail
Little Captain mine
May your journey be blessed
With happiness divine

May you be loving
May you be kind
May you on your voyage,
True love find

Fill your soul with prayer
Let truth your life rule
Find your inner courage
To face the sea so cruel

Do not wander off
The path of righteousness
And may the lord almighty
Your every step abundantly bless

When the seas turn rough
And you feel you may fail
When your trusted crew members
Have all left you and bailed

I will be the compass in your hand
The scope you look through
I will be the wheel you turn
To get to places anew

While at sea little Captain
I will be the steadfast in your tale
Never feel lost little Captain

For I’ll always be the wind in your sails


  1. Aye Aye Captain !!! So beautifully written Teenu.

  2. Wooowww... Happy Birthday Lil Captain... !! And Teenu.. I seriously love you... and I just wanna come up there and give you a hug... There is so much of happiness, so much of pain, so much of courage, so much of sacrifice in what you have written.. Absolutely loved it!!

    Love, Nimmy Jerry

    1. Acho nimmy!! I could really use a huge hug from someone as sweet as u right now!!