Saturday, May 31, 2014

TRESamour ♡: A Poem

Once upon a time in a modern day land
There lived a girl with a peculiar problem at hand

Everyone noticed, she couldn't hide
They did no matter what she tried

Part of the problem was her curly, curly locks
Much like curly fries, chockfull a box

They were bouncy and pretty to the eye
Then came the problem by and by

She could not grow her hair no matter what
She tried every method but her hair against her fought

How she wished for curly hair oh so long
The moment it grew everything went wrong

Her hair would break, her hair became rough
Until finally her head resembled a huge powder puff

So she kept her hair short sad as could be
Not knowing why her hair could never grow free

She sighed and sighed at her pals long glorious hair
Then she looked at hers, a sight she couldn't bear

Shoulder length was all her hair would allow
Nothing below that always above

Her expensive stylist said she had terrible split ends
They were so bad, he never felt they'd mend

"Sorry honey! Short hair for you" he said
And I went back to that curly mop with terrible dread

She needed to tame her locks, that much she knew
She needed a solution, a good one too.

An avid blogger she opened her system to see
What was up on indiblogger and there lay the key

A solution flashed on the screen and she felt glad
She would even get a sample to try! Hmmm. Not bad!

"TRESemmè split remedy" the competition was named
Try the shampoo-conditioner and lather your way to writing fame!

The product guaranteed shooing away split ends
Just to get that done backward she'd bend!

Link quickly clicked for a sample to try
To repair her hair over which she so did cry

Then with impatience she so did wait
To receive the product that would decide her hairs fate

After two weeks a package arrived
She wondered the wait how did she survive

Just for the occasion her she'd grown
To see if a miracle would be delivered just like they'd shown

Two pretty bottles in black, silver and green
Sat on her bathroom shelf and so did preen

Try them she did the very same day
Results!  Results! She prayed and prayed

The shampoo was glossy and shiny and smelt reallt good
And worked rich lather like no other shampoo could

She rinsed off her hair and it felt different
Like it doctored her hair on every minute it spent

The conditioner was smooth and creamy and smelt equally great
She felt like she'd found her hairs soul mate

The conditioner spread smooth onto her hair
And she actually felt it work with tender loving care

On her roots and tips she felt it unwind
Whatever weakness was hidden inside

After a rinse her hair felt so soft and shiny
And her brush flew threw her hair oh so finely

No tangles of hair blocking it's path
No longer did her hair face breakages wrath

She kept using her bottled soulmates every single day
Until one day she heard someone say

"Your curly hair looks so LONG and grand"
She felt such happiness, more than she could stand

Her hair grew and grew without a single care
People with admiration used to stare

And when everyone asked her what she did for such beautiful long locks
All she said was "TRESemmè Split Remedy is a product that simply rocks!"

(This entry was written for the TRESemmè Split Remedy contest on Indiblogger)

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