Monday, May 5, 2014


He arrived at eight
And parked his car, a little away from view
He combed his hair into place
Thick and shiny with a reddish hue
From my hiding place I saw her as well
Tiding up all a flutter
When she covered up our wedding photo
My heart it fell in the  gutter
He rang the doorbell
And stood with an uneasy smile
Then the door opened and there stood my wife
Her happiness could be seen from a mile
He rushed right in
And hugged her tight, this I saw so clear
He kissed her deep and hard
My wife, who I love so dear
When up the stairs they tumbled
I quietly opened the door
That in her haste she'd forgotten to lock
And tip toed across the floor
Her skirt coiled around my foot
I saw his blue shirt tossed on a chair
My head spun round and round
As I made up the stairs in despair
I saw them on our bed
Making love like the world stood still
I saw their shadows painted on our wall
My heart with emptiness began to fill
I heard the bed creak, I heard the bed groan
As I walked slowly down
I heard the lampshade begin to fall
I wanted to pack my life and forever leave town
And then my mind thought of a solution
In several ways much better
A simple solution that would save a love
That was slowly starting to fetter
Down the basement I went
To get a  gun from my collection
It had to be right, it had to be perfect
The gun that would stand the selection
A smith and wessen found my palm
And flashes of us came rushing
Our courting, our wedding, our first house
Cobwebs my mind slowly started brushing
The thought of her in his arms
The gun slowly found my temple
Tears ran down my cheeks
Death I realized was so very simple
I closed my eyes for the very last time
And sat on the basement floor
I heard a click as I pulled the trigger
And then I heard no more

He said he'd come by eight
I was all a quiver
The thought of his lips on mine
Made my insides shiver
I made up the place and covered up photos
Lust quickly overtaking guilt
The door bell chimed and I walked over
Inviting in the secret I had built
He swooped in like a bird of prey
And kissed me hard and deep
The door wasn't even closed
Wondered if the neighbours got a peep!
His shirt went flying
My skirt found the floor
In our haste to make it to bed
I forgot to firmly close the door
We went crazy, so super wild
Shadows jumped across the wall
The bed creaked, the bed groaned
A tossed pillow broke a careless lampshades fall
Amidst the frantic coupling
I thought I heard a loud shot
Ring all the way through the house
To get out of his arms I fought
From the basement I thought
As I rushed down the stairs
Was he getting dressed?
Actually, I didn't really care
I opened the basement door and went down the steps
Only to be greeted by the cold and the dark
Fumbling for the light switch
I saw reality oh so stark
He lay crumpled on the floor
Blood gushed in a silent stream
A bullet hole in his temple
I blinked and blinked to end this dream
"Oh god!" He said from the top of the stairs
And I heard rushed footsteps thunder away
The door slammed a minute later
Well, I didn't care if he'd stayed
I wondered about life and lust
And the aftermath of an empty bed
Crazy thoughts ran through my mind
As I cradled my husbands bleeding head


  1. AnonymousMay 05, 2014

    You expressed it so decently though it is a sensitive subject. It ruins many lives and even pushes whom we trust totally, feeling pity why they lose the all trusted love for after all some physical pleasure, when they can get the same with soul full of love from their beloved ones? No answers. Hope people stay true to their spouse.

    Well written...

    1. Agree every bit with you. And thank you so much for the appreciation!