Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The moment a girl shows a hint of breast
Her parents, they get really stressed
Because the time for marriage has come
Girls don’t get married are considered dumb

The proposals come from near and far
They want the girl to be at par
With riches, education and beauty
And love the mother in law like its her sole duty

Then come the online sites
With guys that give the girl a fright
They look like old, fat farts
But parents say they have nice, sweet hearts

No matter how bad the guy
Even if their English would make *Wilbur die
The girl must settle
She has to be made of mettle

She is the one who has to reduce
She is the one who has to deduce
The guys likes and hates
Put up with him like he’s her fate

Oh! But the guy must like her too
She must look like she lives on glue
Thin and frail she must look
And of course she must know how to cook

Her father should be loaded with cash
Else she would end up in the family trash
She must have a degree yes in indeed
But she should do house work godspeed

Girls should be Slim, fair and pretty they say
Wish stupid guys never had their way
They think they are such super stars
Trust me men are so from mars!

One boyfriend and the girl is a slut
10 girlfriends and the guy is a stud who struts
A boy from the US is smart and fit
A girl from the US would be considered full of shit

Incase the proposal doesn’t work then relatives pry
So bad that all she can do it sit and cry
They talk ill of her body and ill of her fate
If she could bring them death, she would so fix a date!

Girls aged 25 and above are such old cows
Say the stupid women who look like shit right now
They make parents go mad with grief
Ironic when marriage is supposed to give relief

Who made these rules who made these terms
Well, whoever did in hell will burn
Who decides marriage, who decides what’s right?
It juts gives girls nightmares in the wee hours of night

One day I hope we all unite
To put out this fire burn that burns with spite
Marriage is an act of love and not one of force
If this continues we’ll be a land of hate, death and divorce!

* Wilbur Sargunaraj


  1. So true!! well captured :)

  2. I like the phrase wher u bought in Wilbur...... Nice and Elegant one...

  3. wish all the guys read this and realise they are not super heros as they think ..also the jobless old hags who live only to bitch ...

  4. hi thanks for sharing this


  5. Hey thanks guys! And how ironic that a matrimonial should comment on my blog! lol

  6. Wow Teenu, it's truely astounding how you have captured the essence of a girl goes through.

  7. You have so amazingly articulated the emotions of a girl....lovely poem!!!

  8. Nice, we should ask Wilbur to make a song out of these words! :P

  9. Loved the wit and the flow. Legen.....dary :)

  10. niceee!!!loved the part where u used the sarcastic tone to describe guys!!

  11. the marriage song......sang by a bitter woman.....