Thursday, April 28, 2011

Black Rain

This short poem is a dedication to my friend Asmitha who has the most gorgeous black hair ever! I wanted to write this a while back but it is only now that i could form words with enough beauty and passion! Enjoy Ash!

She sat still and lucid
As bright as ivory, as smooth as marble
Sunbeams danced on her fa├žade
And a beautiful silence seemed to envelope the room
Her hands lay softly on her lap
Her head tilted in expectation
Eyes revealed enigma
Her smile set ablaze the still air
Lo! Feel a sheet of black rain
As she moved every so quietly
Black beads fell gently on her forehead
And a wave rode down her back
She leaned forward to touch a sunbeam
Black rain washed down her face
Cut a sluice in the sparkling yellow
And drenched the sun’s thirst
The sun begged for more
She just smiled her slight smile
And let the black rain pour.


  1. this is sooo beautiful!!! blushhhh i don't think I'm worthy! huggggg

  2. Teenuuu!!! so cute this is.. :)

  3. This blog should definitely be made into a book someday; for all the mallus going through the rigamarole of arranged marriage! Am sure you'll get royalties for generations to come :P

  4. @Aks: Thanks sweety!
    @Rajiv: The thought has definitely crossed me mind!! ;) thanks for the encouragement!

  5. What an apt title!!

  6. hehe dats a beautiful ode. u mus b quite fida on her hair!

  7. @Saro: Thanks gal!
    @Sadiya: Yep! for sure she has the most awesome hair ever!

  8. thts a beautiful poem!! i really really envy some girls for their black rain!!! :) its a beauty to see the black rain pour beautiful!!! you have described the beauty of it perfectly well!!!

  9. Hey thanks Cinderella!!!!

  10. Stumbled on your blog..fantastic writing in this one.. Keep it up! :)

  11. AnonymousJune 03, 2011

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