Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HE spoke to me

I heard HIM speak to me one day.

“Ah! I know you child! I know what to make of you. My mind has envisioned great things for you. Right now you’re just wisps of thought, fragments of a whole but I am going to collect every ounce of you and make you what you ought to be. So yes, I know you’re going to be a girl. I also know that in your mind you want to be a boy but not to worry you’ll have a lot of fun being a girl and the trials you face as a woman will make you even stronger. I have for you a fiery personality that may not appeal to many people but those who like you for who you are will love you forever. You will be a confused one and a little meek at times but not to worry, I will guide you on your path through those around you. You will feel a lot of worries and sadness and envy and pain but you know something my little one? It’s all part of who you are and as you grow, it will be upon you to make or break those feelings. I leave that to your free will. You will love your parents and did you know you will have a little brother and a sister? They will both love you very differently though they come together from your mother.

I give you curly hair that will get you noticed in a flash and an unfaltering smile that I give you as your best weapon. You will love everything in life with a love for food topping the list. You will draw and paint and dance and read and write and yet you may feel emptiness.
Worry not for I will send you a wonderful man to take care of you for the rest of your life and he may be slow to reach by your side and once he does you will be happy for ever ad for me all my children need to be happy. My thoughts take some shape now and I can see your eyes looking up at me. They tell me you are not ready for the trials of the real world…that you may falter in your pace but not to worry you are my daughter and I will ensure that you face the world with all your might.

You will feel you have a tough life with things you want out of your reach but you will get those things the moment you understand that they are not to be grabbed but to be earned. Your parents may seem imposing but understand that they mean well but then again I know how they are because I made them as well. But I give you to them because no one else can take care of you the way they can.
I blow into you free will now child so that you may make something of yourself. Shine where you need to shine and be someone who showers love upon others like I would upon on my children. I see your face now and your hands grasping at the stars…easy does it my dearest because I have a plan for you. Your eyes twinkle while you gaze at my angels glittering wings and with that image sealed in your minds eye you will be born with a love for everything dazzling and beautiful and colourful.

I see your feet as calm and relaxed as ever and I can see your going to be a bit of a laze about in bed reader…I love that you will devour books but do make an attempt at taking in a bit of fresh air as well. You gently tug at my beard and I smile because I know you will be curious. As I stroke your hair I know you will learn to love it someday. This is the breath of life in heaven that you have in you. I now blow into you the breath of earth and I shall soon set you in your mother’s womb and I shall miss you.

Every time you call out for me in time of need or sadness or happiness I will respond to you…don’t expect thunder clouds clapping from my abode my child but I will respond to you in the smallest yet most beautiful way possible. It could be as a falling leaf touching your face, it could be a loving smile from a stranger, it could be the smell of mouth watering delights, it could even be just a cooling breeze but be rest assured that it is me.

Your time has come upon this earth and I have named you Teenu. Go forth my dear child. As I place you in your mother’s womb I give you one last kiss and press my finger ever so lightly on your tiny leg so as to leave my mark; so that you may see it and think of me because I will think of you my every moment.”

And with that last line a bright light enveloped me mixed with a jumble of voices. I saw people everywhere. Someone picked me up. Someone held me in soft, warm arms. I was perplexed with wonder and fright. I started crying profusely. I saw tear stained eyes gazing into mine and heard two words filled with love “My baby”.


  1. Very beautifully written... loved it :)


  2. by far your best blog teenu. have never come across anyone who knows oneself so well. beautifully paragrahed and aptly worded... great going !!!

  3. Very Poetic.... You are officially declared "The Bard" of TOI.... Cheers...

  4. @Urmil: You made my day!
    @Sethu: Bard am i? LOL

  5. Simply awesome.. u have presented it so well...
    ur writing really fascinates me..

    Keep writing !! :)

  6. Ok Lady! That's it! You just made me cry! You truly understand the gem that you are and don't need me to tell you that..right!!
    Such a warm feeling to know that you know urself so well..if only more people were like that!!Am i proud to have been around you and known you for all these years or what?
    P.S. I would die for those curls and that twinkle in your eyes and that smile ;) Love u!

  7. @fenn: Thanks
    @Merly: Thanks so much merly meant a lot to me!love you too and can't wait for your happily ever after!

  8. Dint he (THE GOD ALMIGHTY)told you that u r gonna stay with a wonderful,sweet hearted room mate...nd thts the biggest gift for u evr,...:p...Think you missed it to mention.
    Anyways GOOD usual...

  9. :) mirror mirror on the wall tell me the best blogger of em all... "mirror ... my bathroom mirror has it all"

  10. he heee!! thanks oh! Dark Knight!

  11. Mwah you beautiful woman!

  12. awesome post here Marilda.. Love this.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

    Someone is Special

  13. Creatively enlightening!!!!

    Great Stuff!!!!

    Good Luck for the contest.

  14. @neeraj and SIS: Thanks you guys!!

  15. I could almost picture God doing this to everyone. Beautifully articulated. You should try your hand on editorials in TOI. TOI really needs someone good :).

  16. fantastic word picture.loved the part where Neil n I love u "very" differently :P.....made ME cry towards the end!!!awesome work sis!!