Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beauty Divine- An Ode to Real Beauty

A touch of rain upon your brow
A soft kiss that wants for more
A heavenly bud poised on pretty locks
Waves splashing on emerald rocks

A pretty maiden in a field of corn
Mad with love and never forlorn
A blushing cheek the dimple met
A smile that a 100 stories felt

Tender hands protect her child
Sleeping to lullabies ever so mild
A wild child running through the woods
A woman with her swaying moods

A sheer stole swaying in the breeze
Love that makes her weak at the knees
Laughter ringing through so pure and divine
Like taste buds wrapped around the finest wine

A mother at peace with her baby at her breast
A mother at peace when her married child is blessed
Lovely roses cupped in lovers hands
The grace with which couples dance

The feminine elegance of grandma
Is most beautiful by far
Hopes and dreams that come true
Wishes and wants that come anew

A shooting star that sparkles the eye
Wishing upon something that’s mine
Search no more real beauty at its best
It’s within your soul, no matter what say the rest


  1. thats a very beautiful poem :) you have brought in all the roles of a woman that makes her beautiful!! this is really an ode to real beauty!!

  2. beautifully paragrahed...!!!

  3. wow!!!really made me feel gud about myslf wen i read this!!!