Friday, November 19, 2010

The Optimist Vs The Pessimist

I was in a Blue funk for a large part of the day and kept thinking mean, nasty thoughts and stewed in my own misery until i had a weird debate in my head. It was Optimistic Teenu Versus Pessimistic Teenu. The result? This 2 part poem. And quite obviously the former won!
I could not get happiness off my mind and the smile off my face since then!

The Pessimist moans:

It isn’t fair that the sky is blue
It changes too quickly, like stormy cold brew.

It isn’t fair that grass feels soft
Sometimes it should jab a little, like hay up a loft.

It isn’t fair that sugar is sweet
It should make people gag, and never be a treat.

It isn’t fair that coffee smells so good
Think of it being murky brown, much like rotten wood.

It isn’t fair that love happens at first sight
Boys and girls must hate each other, and always have fights.

It isn’t fair that hot maggi is such a relief
It tastes like sawdust, and maybe old leaves.

It isn’t fair that prayers heal
Look at those still in trouble, without even a proper meal.

It isn’t fair that money makes one happy
It’s just some paper, so totally crappy.

It isn’t fair that flowers make one smile
They’re just plants, and will last only a while.

It isn’t fair that children are loving
They are such brats, some even cunning.

I’m so glad I stay away from it all
Because a touch of happiness and I might just fall.

The Optimist chirps:

It’s amazing that the sky is blue
It makes me feel light, ready to fly straight and true

It’s amazing that the grass feels soft
It cushions my fall, when sadness pushes me from aloft

It’s amazing that sugar is sweet
It’s brought so many smiles, and a never ending pitter patter of little feet.

It’s amazing that coffee smells so good
It’s an uplifting feeling, and makes so positive a mood.

It’s amazing that love happens at first sight
Sure it may not work, but then again it just might.

It amazing that hot maggi is such a relief
A huge plate of it, and hunger would slink away a thief.

It amazing that prayers heal
Look at everyone who’s received them, the happiness they feel.

It’s amazing that money makes one happy
It may not last long, but you do feel less crappy.

It amazing that flowers make one smile
They look so lovely, everyone preserves them for a while.

It amazing that children are loving
Such tender innocence, so worth cherishing

I’m so glad that happiness came by
Just one touch and I’m ready to fly.


  1. Aaaaaah, the battle between the inner voices, ain't it fun. Sometimes depending on the situation the voices even get accents (when it has a german twang, you know you have to cool down).

    Anyways ...Beautiful poem :) ...

  2. I landed on this via the indiblogger site.
    Enjoyed the poem very much
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  3. Thank you prashant! fingers crossed on the 80+!

    And thanks Jacob