Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Hubby-to-be from HELL- Part 2

D made the call!

The guy who said “Hello” sounded completely different from the abomination she had spoken with the previous day. This character (the real groom to be) was completely sane for one and not to mention a lot more humane.

A conversation ensued.

As per the guy’s explanation (Let’s call him J) it was a complete psycho who had called up her dad and got D’s number from her. The psycho had initially pretended to be J’s father and then pretended to be J! And J was indeed so very upset for the way things turned out and kept hinting that if D wanted to call things off, he would somehow try and bear the pain of refusal!

Further discussions took place on the “incident” and J actually went to the extent of telling D that it was most probably someone she knew playing a trick! D promptly gives J the number from which the psycho had called. J becomes the night in shinning armor and hangs up the phone with a promise to apprehend the psychosomatic dragon!

After a bit J calls back saying that the dragon just refuses to pick his call. He hangs up with yet another promise to never give up until he gets through to the guy!
A short while later, J calls back saying that the guy finally picked up and he spoke Tamil! Well well!! He could also well have the makings of a terrorist because he said that any guy who dares to marry D would be KILLED! I mean talk about drama!
If I heard such a dialogue I would just laugh my guts out so much the psycho would crack a second time!!

J starts hyperventilating and claims that for everyone’s good, it was best not to take the proposal forward. D however insists and J reluctantly agrees to meet her.

A surprise comes the next day in the form of J’s friend. He comes down to office all business like and asks to meet D. I do have the pleasure to say that it was I who the “friend” interacted with first asking for D.

During their conversation the “friend” stupidly mentions that J had asked him to make an enquiry and check on D to see if she looks the same in real life when compared to her pics! He even has the cheek to ask her for any messages that he needs passed on to J! D diplomatically says “Anyway I am meeting him this Saturday so I’ll ask him directly.” The “friend” makes a hasty exit!

D calls up J and enquires about the visit from the friend. “Just to check out how you look in real life” quips J. All said and done J still seems very indisposed in meeting D. He also kept insisting that as the guy spoke Tamil and D was currently in Chennai, the guy had to be someone she knew well! Rocket scientist this one!
Here’s a twist to the tale. Usually the guys are the ones to say NO to a proposal; this time around, J INSISTED (and that too big time) that D should say NO (Keeping in mind the
”safety” of his life maybe! Pansy!)
These were the only lines he kept throwing at D the very last time they spoke “YOU have to say no D! YOU should be saying no! YOU should think about our safety! YOU just have to say no!”
Well, D did say NO and J was relieved.

My theories?

a) J must have this girlfriend who would have promised to beat his non-existent brains out if he dared to proceed with the proposal!
b) Or maybe he’s already hitched and his wife would have promised to do the same!
c) J is gay

In closing…presenting the crème de la crème of all dialogues (This is by the psycho to J- as per J’s account of course!): “Listen! I don’t know who you are and I don’t care what you do! I am doing all this for me! I will not let anyone else marry D! I will just kill him!”

This year’s golden Raspberry for the most exquisitely crummy plot, atrocious script and pathetic acting and dialogue delivery goes to J!!! Congratulations J!!!

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