Friday, February 26, 2010

The source of imagination

I wish to write a book someday. It’s not like I haven’t tried. The “someday” stands because no matter how long I sit at my desk, fingers flying across the keyboard, there is always that one point when I go all blank. The intellects call it writers block…I don’t fall into that category too much so I would call it loss of imagination.
I am all awe for fiction writers and as you can guess I’m not into much of non-fiction, ironic considering the fact that my blog is filled with non-fiction!

People who consider themselves far above anything remotely childish would stare at a Harry Potter much like I stare at a cockroach (well…I don’t do much staring…bring about a cockroach and I would be in the next county!). But I’m not digressing here; Its just that I wonder where imagination comes from for some of these magnificent writers! I think J.K.Rowling is an amazing writer! I am a sucker for imagination and that lady takes the cake. I mean how many of us can come up with something as random as Quidditch, Wingardium Leviosa and Horcruxes? Nothing short of a whoa!

My all-time favorite fiction writer however is Stephen King! I love his works; the macabre, gruesome, eerie horror that he is a master of! The first book I read was Misery and I was so sucked into the trail of emotion, drama, horror and sheer entertainment that I quickly jumped to Carrie (Joy of joys when I saw the movie as well-the old version). Cujo was all I could do to stand on top of my roof top and shout out “Bloody Brilliant!” I highly recommend Cujo to thriller fans! There are points in his writing when I wonder whether SK was from another warped zone altogether! No one could match up to his macabre way of thinking! I would love to write the way he does; infact I had started off on a novel and half way through it fell as flat as a burnt chocolate pudding.

It’s when I think about these books that I feel slightly depressed. I don’t see my imagination running miles ahead…I do have an active imagination and sometimes an idea sparks and I am off typing down about 8 pages in one go and then when the crucial part comes I am blank. Is imagination all that’s cracked up to be?
This is about the time my mum started piling on the proposals and the bathroom mirror used to be my only salvation.

A dear friend of mine used to be an amazing crib and bitching partner when it came to proposals and the shitty times it gives us. It was the usual barrage of un repeatable words and tears and then she gave me a brilliant idea to let my steam out…write about it!
I was obviously skeptical in the beginning but then my ache to write drove me to blogspot and thus came my first blog and for I felt a flood relief!

Imagination for me became a constant source as proposal after proposal came knocking! My mother was wonderstruck at my transformation! From the sulky girl throwing tantrums for every proposal, I became a sweet and model bride to be for any guy, treating proposals with utmost care and talking in all the bullshit with a wide smile!
That smile was for me and my blog! Every time my mind runs dry, my mum calls with another source of imagination and my smile returns!!! It’s amazing!

No complaints about what to write any more! In my world, imagination is one mannah that never runs out!!! I still wish to write a book though…maybe…just maybe…

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  1. When wise women speak...wiser women listen...u listened :)