Friday, January 22, 2010

Change...the constant headache!

This is more a rant than a blog people…Like Meg Ryan says in ‘You’ve got mail’, “I just want to send this cosmic rant out into the void!’

It was actually a blow to the head that made me realize why I was not ready to hand over myself happily to the last existing form of slave trade. There I was getting into an auto with the thoughts of my new Gucci sunglasses (courtesy my mum!!!  ) dancing in my head when bam!! I got the conkers knocked out of me as I smashed my head onto the steel side bar. And lo and behold! Revelation hit me!(quite literally) I did not want to change!

I love shopping every day! Love getting up in the middle of the night and reading Stephen King with cups of green tea! Probably cooking lunch at leisure and making what I want! I love wearing awesome clothes that people go awe at! I love acting all nutty and being responsible only for my well being! I love the fact that I don’t have to love another family other than my own unconditionally! I love it that I have only to handle bitchiness from my friends and not a mother or a sister in law! I just love the fact that I stand up for myself and pamper and love myself! And what I love most of all is a bathroom all to myself!
Trust me people I DO NOT want to change anything about me!

But change is inevitable. It stares at you from every corner of the world. Through computer screens, through papers left around slyly and from animated relatives. In my world…marriage brings about the biggest change in any person.

One minute there you are wearing a pair of ripped jeans and jumping around to Yves Larock in a snazzy pub and the next minute you are forced to acknowledge that such antics were done only by the single she devils of the world. I just don’t understand why there has to be so many sacrifices and people pleasing in one’s marriage.

Take for example this “friend” of mine…We were bum chums! Completely inseparable, so to the hilt that we planned on marrying brothers and staying in the same house! I epitomized her and saw her as the be all and end all!
Wicked world this! Madam is happily married now and has become the be all and end of the satisavitris of the world!! That’s cool as long as she keeps her satisavitriness to herself and her nose out of my business! She has taken the complete liberty of informing her mother to inform my mother about my guys friends! She has also developed a supposedly innate quality of reading the relationship between a guy and a girl by looking at how they behave and yeah I fell prey for that! It’s a miracle I didn’t get skinned alive by my mother after all the nonsense she sprouted about me!

I don’t want to divulge too much about the above incident but I can say for sure that nowadays I’d rather epitomize a rabid, maggot infested skunk! She sure has joined the DWHYGMTE club (Please refer my first blog) with intense vehemence! Well bully for you!

This change is what I don’t get! I don’t understand how a new person and his whole horde of relatives coming into a girl’s life have to completely change the essence of who she is! I have seen girls give up what they love the most, seen them become so different that they become unrecognizable. I have seen some women so frustrated with what they have become that they turn out complete recluses and become intensely socio-phobic!

My ‘friend’ , the nouveau satisavitri has cut me deep! Guess that too played a role in my ranting. Probably this is a very good reason why I should NOT get hitched! The poor guy would be stuck with a gal who still streaks her hair and dances at the drop of a note and loves to laugh at the top of her voice and wreak havoc in the bank account and enjoys the good life and is proud of how she is and would never, never in her life learn how to make a proper compromise without more ranting blogs to follow!

Takers anyone? ;)


  1. wedding bells will ring very soon for you.. happens mosta time when a rant happens

  2. hey teenu... I wrote the exact same thing in my blog.. :).. Well, change is difficult. But we women talk about how much we got to sacrifice. We often forget what men go through. They change as well. But they hardly crib ;).. keep up the good work.. and hope u get a guy who loves and accepts u for what u are..


  3. Finally I figure out how to leave a friggin comment... now I forgotten what I wanted to say!

  4. I remember...

    Is this situation an example of how human nature (or is it maybe malu nature?) that consciously prohibits us wanting someone else to succeed? Like “keeping up with the Jones’s”… The moment your “friend” reached that milestone (that our parents ever so lovingly nudge us towards) the prospect of anyone else “getting a better deal” was probably too much for her. Like going out to eat… you order from the menu… then when the food comes, you see what your other friends got and you wish you had waited a while longer to decide…

    I don’t know… its probably ridiculous to even consider that a grownup could be so inane and hurtful…especially considering the bond that was shared… whatever the case may be…bitterness and hatred are wasted emotions…forgive you “enemies”…nothing pisses them off more ;)