Wednesday, December 23, 2009

That Omnious Feeling

This time I am not alone! All of us have “this feeling.” Call it a premonition, a hunch, an omen if you will…but these skills were buried in our genome code from the moment we are formed.
Quite understandably though, us ladies are blessed with a rather higher quotient in intuitive intelligence or let’s just keep it short and call it “II”.
One of my colleagues once mentioned to me that as per an empirical study that was conducted comparing the female psyche to that of the male, it was proven that females harbor security and intuitive skills far greater than that of males!!
And where is all this psycho babble leading to you wonder…
Well wonder no more! I am talking about the psychic connect between females and marriage proposals!
It’s like this…almost all females know when there is a proposal pending! Our senses are so honed that without the parents even mentioning that there is a new proposal surfacing, the girl is completely aware that she is in for trouble!
I have managed to link up a few of the common pointers that can help ANY girl develop her homing senses:

=) You hear your computer repulsed parents speaking pure Yahoo and Google
=) Your sisters and brothers give you annoyingly pitiful looks
=) Your mum refuses to give you another piece of fried chicken
=) Asking permission for an outing with some guy pals would sound equivalent to saying “Dad, could I please watch movies with pornographic content?”
=) A boy calling up the house would raise more than one eyebrow and cause a dip in the smile factor
=) Comparisons with girl cousins, daughters of family friends and complete strangers on subject ranging from the length and texture of the hair to the width of ones glutus maximus.
=) Your mum insists on you decking up like a bride for every single outing…even be it going to the grocers for a kg of sugar.
=) Lesser and lesser importance being given to bunking college and coaching classes and hyperventilation in case of a missed upper lip and manicure appointment.
=) Making sure one always carries an umbrella…chuck the point blank stunned looks from everyone around.
=) Bleach splattered on ones face every 2nd week
=) You feel your aunts hang out more with you and speak to "each other" in rather loud octaves on the qualities an ideal bahu should possess.
=) Your mum starts insisting that you at least learn how to boil water!
=) You feel people around you have started sniggering and whispering much more than before, and you are NEVER part of the conversation.
=) You catch your dad scrutinizing his bank accounts, properties and life savings a lot more
=) You see your mum mooning away at kancheevarams and jewellery in the bridal section
=) You are forbidden from having orkut and facebook accounts
=) You find complete strangers with a leather case filled with pictures and bio datas week after week at your place.

However, us ladies really don’t need the above indicators to know that our wings are about to be clipped. The pure magic of that ominous feeling is that, even before the horn blares and the lights flash in the eyes…we know that our hearse has come for us!! ;)
Good luck to you parents!

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