Monday, December 7, 2009

Ice Princess

(What happens when one bids adieu to one's closest friend for reasons unknown?
That feeling of loss cannot ever be described. With "Ice Princess" I have tried to illustrate my feelings when i lost forever the love of a dear, dear friend...)

O my darling
I feel so cold
My heart’s frozen
Into a silent mould!

Harsh skin flakes
Rasping for heat
Huff goes my breath
Then skips a beat.

Feet tippy toe on icy floors
Toes scrape what’s left
Of welcomed heat
Radiating from the fiery cleft

Body entwined with icicles hard
Body glitters with powdered snow
Patterns form on fingertips
Warmth, my love, these fingers don’t know.

Screech the door wails
And dewy eyes turned
Toward a far corner
Where ashes lay burnt

Ashes of past
Ashes of love
Ashes where hope
Lay too far, far above

Too cold and near
The need to forget
The warmth of friendship
The laughter it beget

Cold turned the ashes
As the Last hope away flew
To rekindle my love
Our friendship anew

I am but trapped
In this cold, terrible place
With nothing but a shiver
As the snow storm whips away your face.

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