Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I see you sitting there
And stare at you with wonder
My son! I think in amazement
And my brain is filled with thunder

This little boy inside me grew
Over a year ago
And now here he runs around
Asking me, a flower to show

I pull the little human into my arms
And crush my face into his neck
And breathe in his sweetness
While in turn he covers me with pecks

Then squealing he runs back into
His little world rainbow filled
With wonderous sights and sounds
While i pick up after my heart that's bubbled over and spilled

He brings me his favorite books
Over and over i read the same story
And just when i by heart every line
He runs off to play with his miniature lorry

Sometimes he runs up to me
And grabs me tight around my legs
Pure love fills to the brim my soul
And hangs my heart up on pegs

Everyday he learns a new word
And it's more than i can bear
With absolute delight as he mouths
Pear! There! Care! Share!

Evenings i really look forward to
For that is when mum and son
Play, read, and have so much fun
Just me and my little one

Today he sat on my lap
And cupped my cheeks with tiny hands as cool as rain
And as his eyes roam over my face
"Amma" he says again and again

My body explodes with fierce motherly joy
And my pulse begins to race
This little angel is a divine part of me
For he stole my heart and left me himself in its place