Monday, September 14, 2015

Rap Battle of the sexes

Girl: oh wait!
What did you say?
Can't believe you said that!
Uh huh! No way

Boy: Oh come on!
What else do i say? Now don't you start!
When you go out with your friends
Dressed like a tart!

Girl: Oh! Tart am i?
Just because of this skirt?
You had no complaints when SHE wore it
You good for nothing flirt

Boy: There you go making up stories
Am i supposed to keep my eyeballs stationary?
Man! To even say hi to my mama
I feel so damn wary!

Girl: Mr.Righteous here kicking up a storm!
And such a cheapskate you are
Remember our last date
When you took me to a sports bar?

Boy: It was game night!
You forced me to go out!
So that's what we did
You should learn what compromise is about

Girl: And what about that movie
It was so romantic
Did you even put your arms around me?
You were laughing like it was a comedy flick!

Boy: Did that make you angry
You poor sensitive girl
What about that guy in the club
With whom you tried to twirl?

Girl: Oh please!
He was just a friend
And don't tell me you forgot about HER
The way you gawp! Don't pretend!

Boy: you have a problem with women
My mama was right
Girls like you
Always love to fight!

Girl: girls like me? Girls like me?
Don't even get me started on your mama
I'm sick and tired
Of all her pretentious drama

Boy: That's my mama girl
Not some crazy lout
You better shut your mouth
Or i will, have no doubt!

Girl: macho man you pretend to be
Muscles and manliness you show
But how about when you bawl during soaps
About that, only i know

Boy: i had something in my eye
You very well know
That's hitting below the belt
You'll turn my friends into foes

Girl: ha! What i say is wrong
What i say is bad
What about what you say?
You talk as if you know the lastest fads!

Boy: Oh my god! Is this about your skirt?
It looks sexy, it looks wow
I was jealous of all the guys looking at you
That's why i tried to cover you now

Girl: oh honey! Is that why you were angry?
Why didn't you tell me baby
I would have surely changed
Those black pants, Maybe?

Boy: yeah sweetheart
That looks even better
Now change your halter
And wear your new full sleeved sweater

Girl: ok love i'll just...
Oh wait! What did you say?

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