Saturday, January 17, 2015

The House

Her fingers left a trail on the slowly settling dust
A glance thrown carelessly at the iron hinges gathering rust
A sweet, musty smell hung in the air
Memories cloying, coiled down like thick, dark hair
A pall of eternal gray seemed the palette of choice
where silence tip toed with disturbing poise
Her eyes took in the house where once there was life
She took in the rooms where she had once played a wife
How love was all she once knew
And how love into aching despair grew
When who she loved turned into a what
And everything became the opposite of what she thought
Was real, was right, was true, was fair
And life revealed itself; a crippling snare
A coward at first away she ran
Because pure black did her fiery fear fan
Afraid to stand up to, afraid to fight
and all it did was further smite
Her person, her heart, her mind, her soul
So broken, she thought she'd never again be whole
With each passing day she felt warmth leave
Her heart, until it was just an object to deceive
Her body into it thinking it was alive
When all it was doing was slowing taking a dive
Into an abyss where things lay forgotten
Her smile, her laugh and her love lay rotten
This house, a silent witness had stories to tell
Stories so putrid, they've begun to smell
Leaking foulness all around
Ghosts of her past began to surround
For a moment she shut her eyes
And became that timid creature who was despised
Beaten and broken and treated like a whore
Her eyes flew open, for that creature she was no more
No fear was the weapon she chose to weild
No fear had become her permanent shield
For when facing a lifetime of fear
Unimaginable strength surely inches near
The man who once broke her had long since died
His memory lived in this house unable to hide
She tries to remember if he ever did smile
Then she decided that was a wasted while
One last sweep she cast all around
Looked at the mantel and frowned
For upon it sat a piece of the past
which was probably the very last
A framed picture of her as a bride
Happiness she thought has ebbed like the tide
With a sigh she replaced the picture on the rack
And walked out of her personal hell without a glance back
As she reached the workers, she nodded her head
With pure steel in her voice "demolish it" she said.


  1. Beautifully written. It pierced straight through my heart. But you know what I liked best??!! Its all negativity negativity negativity..and finally those last two sentences..absolute positivity!! When one finishes reading, one is filled with hope of the future, and that strong will is commendable!! Thats the way it should be!! :)

    (Sorry for the nested post! :D)

    1. Thank u so very, very much! I'm so glad you liked this poem. It comes straight from the heart and dedicated to strong women everywhere!

  2. Superb Teenu,,, well written poem... :)

    God bless u dear