Saturday, June 16, 2012

Inanimate Love

Loveless was he
His life as empty as a drum
A white heart in a white body
His facade dark.

Alone was he.

He saw many an enchanting sunrise
and many a romantic sunset
He had his ornate home for company
A false home he felt
A false home for a broken soul.

Sad was he.

Drowning in solitude
Flashes before his eyes
That was life to him

Loveless, alone and sad was he.

Until there came that sudden darkness
A scratch announced her arrival
And forth she came
In a blaze of beauty
A mysterious lady
In a flowing gown of silk
A gown of bright, fluid gold
He was dazzled by her beauty
He felt abated by her presence
A jaunt started she
She settled herself above him
just out of reach.

So light was she
She danced with utter grace
In tune with nature's melody
Flinging brightness across far reaches
She flirted and she danced
She twinkled and she laughed
That lady in liquid gold

How serene was he
And how untamed was she.

Then love hit him
A hot streak of it
flew past his burning body
And formed a puddle near his feet.
He burned for her touch
His soul once garbed in loneliness
broke free of its tangles
and gushed out to meet her.

Asinine was he
He danced along to her tunes
So mad in love was he
She moulded him with flirty promises
She burnt him with her kisses
And then she was gone!
She vanished in a tendril of magic smoke
right before his eyes!
Alas! Alas! Naive was he
He waited for her
A loon

He waited for her grace and warmth
Was she a dream?
No she was not
For she came to him a week later
In that sudden darkness
Her breath hot on him
She rose high above him
And danced with lust
Pretentious was she
His strength waned
His body grew emaciated
Such a pretty pirate was she!
She lived off him
Feeding deep into him
My sweet, arrogant lady love
Thought he in vain.

She left again in a rush
without even a glance
nor a farewell touch
But she did return
Grotesque became he
with every one of her visits
So twisted out of shape
his mind and soul
aching for that proud peacock
That rebuffed him
That burnt into him.

Frivolous was how she treated his sickness
Slowly, he felt himself sink
Exasperated was she
What more use to her was he?
She sniffed at him in disgust
As he lay there on his soft, white deathbed.
But fate dealt with her
in a way she could never have seen

She felt her fiery feet entangle into his deathbed
Struggle as she might, she could not break free
His anger, his pain and his sorrow
Rose higher and higher
for he had loved her
And she, overcome with smugness
had cast into the raging winds
his plea for her heart.

He rose and rose
Touching her breasts
caressing her lips
closing her eyes
and engulfing her hair

Thus she died
with so cruel her heart
Along with his love
That she did so spite

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