Saturday, June 16, 2012


This poem is dedicated to my sister, who is a huge fan of chocolate and fell in love with this poem the moment she read it!

Today's the day my heart's all abloom
As i skip happily up to my mama's bedroom
I wake her with a gentle prod
She yawns, stretches, sits up and gives me a knowing nod
I hardly give her time to brush her teeth
For i have to hurry, hurry over to that street.
Mama smiles lovingly and opens her little money box
And gives me a few coins, smiling like a wise old fox.
She knows where i'm off to
Hurriedly lacing up my little red shoes
She fondly remembers as out the door i hop
With great excitement, that lovely little chocolate shop.
"Sweets for the sweet" the shop board read
Owned by that portly old darling Mr.Hofsboardstead
"His chocolates are the best and much better by far," the townsfolk cry
And that's where i'm off to
for my chocolates to buy.
I enter the shop, and a tinkly bell chimes
I quickly walk past a tempting display of sugar limes.
"What shall it be today my dear?" asked old Mr.Hofsboardstead
"Will it be those pink gummy balls, chocopops or sugar plums ever so red?"
My eyes wandered along colourful shelves and jars
Hmmm...i haven't tried those lovely chocolate bars.
"How much for these Mr.Hofsboard sir?" I ask
"For those my dear? Or those orange flavored masks?"
"Those Golden bars of chocolate and nut brittle sir, i havent as yet tried them out"
Chuckled Mr.Hofsboardstead "A pound each my dear and please darling do not shout!"
I counted my money
Oh enough! Only enough to buy a few sweets with clotted cream and honey
"Oh! Mr.Hofsboardstead sir, i don't seem to have the right amount"
"I really should learn the right way to count"
Mr.Hofsboard gave me a little smile
Then disappeared into his backroom for a while
Out he came and gave me a gaily wrapped box
Of his greatest masterpiece of chocolate skilfully shaped into clocks!
"Not to worry dear, a little gift from me"
"You're such a sweet girl, you don't have to pay for them you see!"
I stammered my thanks and rushed back home
Down that pretty street of St Elves and Chrome.
"Mama! Look at what Mr.Hofsboardstead gave me!" I smiled
"Why!" said my mother with a twinkle in her eye
"This is exactly how he treated me when i was a child!"

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