Monday, July 4, 2011

"Walk with me"- The first step

An annoying drone filled my ears. Reluctantly, I cracked an eye open. It was still dark; which really said nothing because my flat stays dark even at 12 noon. My fingers groped around near my pillow for the source of the drone. My faithful BB displayed 5:45 am on its screen. My loud groan accompanied the drone and that went on for a bit till my sister (her of the amazing figure) turned over and mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like cuss words!
I shut off the alarm and sat up in bed bleary eyed. Her of the gorgeous figure slept in a teeny racer back top and baby doll shorts and I gave a sigh of envy as I gathered up my voluminous nightdress. My mind started playing a tug of war. The sleep devil said “Look at that pillow my dear…why! It’s calling out your name! Take to note the fluffy mattress and the covers. Its getting cold and the bed is so warm and cozy! Just another 10 mins won’t kill you!” My face stats to melt into a gooey, happy smile of content and I slowly start to drift toward my pillow with my face filled with sleep lust!
BLAM!! The walk angel pushes me back up “TEENU TERRENCE I am ashamed of you! Falling for the same trick day after day! Get your glutus maximus off the bed and get it back into shape! Lord knows you need it! Trust me a bit of fresh air will do you good!”
The fight was too much to take but somehow, the angel won. I dragged myself out of bed ad into the living room, switching on every single light possible so that I could dazzle myself awake. Not helpful. One stubbed toe later I wash my face and hunt around for my battle gear hissing and spitting at all the pizzas and burgers and biriyanis and brownies I had happily tucked away while my then slim body rubbed its fictitious palms together saying “Oh! You wait woman! I’m so going to make you pay!”
My battle attire looked like it was made for ants. My butt could never fit into those teeny track pants and I am not going make it with that little top. I really wished I could have gone out naked because the flab sticking out like a sore thumb in the midget clothes would have been even more embarrassing. Anyway being selfless enough not to create ruckus right in the morning, I molded myself into the clothes, camouflaging the hills and valleys until I looked decent enough a human being!
My only saving grace would be my ipod. I opened the door and ventured forth. I supposed my sister and I were the only young people in the locality because the road and park seemed jam packed with little ol grannies and grandpas who kept shooting smiles at me. I really couldn’t figure out if they were “Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood smiles” or sympathetic “So plump at your age!” smile. Either ways I returned the smiles with my evil mind thinking evil things like “I don’t have dentures!”, “I can walk faster than you!” Ha ha!
Thus started my liaison with walking. I have been successfully walking for more than 2 weeks now. Trust me! That’s dog years when it comes to me and my fitness regimes. What will keep me on this fitness trip would be support from everyone around me and of course my lazy self. I have had a lot of nice experiences during my walk and seen so many interesting people and incidents. Why not blog about my walk sessions I thought! So the next time you see a blog starting with the title “Walk with me” you know you’re going to read up about a lot of aches and pains and maybe a few smiles now and then!


  1. dnt kno hw u do it bt the efforts r showin results!!more 'glow glow' :-o

  2. my wife is gonna kill me for this... hills & valleys ohh yess !!!.. thar desert --- its a strict no-no !!!

  3. WOKAY! So u did have an awesome figure early? Lucky u!! And I read ur previous posts on the marriage drama! Hmmmmmmmm..... Imagine urself working out hard and getting back in shape.... And the new hot U will attract equally hot men... U will select one (more if u want) hot guy from the lot and go for many hot-hot dates! And he turns out to be the ONE! Whaaoo! I think I have given u enough inspiration! :)

  4. Hee! Hee! Thanks a ton for the inspiration! Surely one that will work! ;)

  5. Get a dog hehehe thts an alarm you can never snooze :) But i agree i walk almost 2 kms every evening with Rex(my lab) and its a beautiful experience to see new people everyday :)

  6. Teenu! That took courage!!! I rooting for you and hopefully will get my butt to gym today!!! You have always been a stunning beauty and dont let that get away from you!
    I hope that walks are going great!