Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why i never keep a diary!

Like every other girl giddy with the yearnings of love and the tragedies of teenage life, I too used to keep a secret diary in which to spill out these emotions. But unlike a lot of girls my diary was secret for approximately 4 months and 2 weeks and 3 days!

See…I was the wallflower back in school; I was very quiet and loved any secluded corner like rot loved wet furniture! Anyone of my old schoolmates who happened across this blog would remember this incident spot on because my diary did create a sensation for a while!
So about the crush…well he was my classmate and I had the hots for him; don’t even ask me why; I still have no clue! So anyways my diary started getting day by day downloads of how he walks and talks and runs his hand through his hair…the works. Even then I used to write in action replays of how he said hi to me and how he looked at me (ok! Stop pulling those sad ass faces! I’m sure you would have had this happen to you!)

So yeah my gorgeous pink diary (I imagine I named it Melvin…lord knows why I thought a pink diary of the male gender would listen to my woes or even stay secretive and faithful!) groaned with the overload of info, so much so that the inanimate object actually set a future ball of utter humiliation rolling.

I loved room cleaning day, especially because it was my mum who did it! She kept it spotless and awesome and it actually stayed that way for atleast a week! Now mind you, mums have a knack for 2 things: 1) A thorough cleaning 2) Finding things they are not supposed to find during a cleaning session!
I used to keep my diary in my super-secret-not-to-be-touched-by-anyone-but-me cupboard, but this rule really didn’t apply to mums now does it? So in order to safeguard my secret crush, I took the diary to school (Brilliant move huh?)

School went on fine (by fine I meant bored stiff!) till Chemistry class. There were a lot of students in class so we had half the class for lab and the other in class. I had lab that day and of I went to find a secluded corner in the lab.
Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when we returned, except all the guys kept sneaking glances at me and smirking. Now I know for a fact that breathing in sulphuric acid fumes does not make one hot and alluring so definitely something was amiss with all the staring and smirking!
Then my crush started reiterating familiar lines to me during class and asking me questions about how his hair looks and whether I liked his smile and stuff. Stupid me never noticed the semblance of the sentences as I was too goddamn busy wiping strings of saliva everytime I stared at him.

And then the guys let it slip. A guy in class who I thought was a dear “friend” of mine came up to me and said with a huge grin “Hey Teenu! Guess what? We read your diary!” My smile of greeting stayed plastered on my face and then I felt the heat of a thousand ghost chillies descending on my face…I was beat red and sat there bloated like a bullfrog during mating season! I could not utter a word.
Apparently, the guys were “searching” my bag for some goodies and they found my diary! It had a lock but the smart gal that I was, had left the key along with it! Not like hiding the key would have helped, as my dear friend said that they were ready with a stone to crack open the lock in case!! The guys sat around in a group and my “friend” read…well enacted actually…my entries in typical campfire story style with a lot of crude add ons…a lot of er…stuff I was not familiar with then!

I was humiliated however; none of them really ragged though me except for the occasional fire cracker: “Look at his limpid pools Teenu!” “Did you get an O looking at him?” “How’s his hair today Teenu?”
To add to my wonderful cornucopia of mortification, my crush had a TALK with me telling me he say me as his SISTER! Now what could be worse than that? Oh yeah…people read my diary that is definitely worse!

I am so over this episode but trust me ladies NEVER, EVER, EVER make the mistake of keeping a diary, live the great novel that write it I say!! I learnt it the hard way! Gah!


  1. lol..Write more such diaries so that we can get to know your present crush... Had fun reading...

  2. Well...a little disappointed that you spared that "friend" who read your diary from broken teeth...loved the quote in the end :)

  3. hehe...remember this incident alright :) !