Thursday, October 29, 2009

Poetic Suicide

As depressing as the title may sound, i have tried to give Teens Thoughts a poetic twist so that one reading it may not be too aversed to the fact that a girl just bubbling about food at a proposal could just as easily think about ending it all...


It was more a morbid fascination
A silent, sinister declaration.

Where love attuned to all just and fair
And mine just turned into a fiend to scare.

The feeling of passion once declared
Was never ever with me paired.

Nirvana sharp in my cool, steady hand
Nirvana bottled on my bedside stand

All names remembered in a rush
This morbid fascination gives me such a flush!

Of colour, of sweat, of realization anew
These moments everlasting should be minced in few

Trepidation, consternation merely words
For in my mind I’m as free as a bird.

All my anger concentrated full
Aching for that peace that magnanimous lull

Fingers near that warm pulsing point
My heart and soul for the first time feel joint

A perfect incision and a shower of rubies fall
Time seems to stand still, no maybe just crawl.

Slowly my eyes dim and breathe drops
Someone bangs on my door; someone has called the ‘mergency cops

The smile on my face slowly wanes
I hear sirens blaring, racing down tightly woven lanes.

The organ in my chest plays a slow tune
Slower and slower like a sunset way past noon.

I sink further and further into a bittersweet calm
I hear my parents wake the neighbors in alarm

The last words I heard as my life to the heavens I give ( Pls forgive the tense difference )
“Why lord? Why? Why did she not want to live?”


  1. hey Teens!!
    Amazing poem.. i still remember ur poem tht u wrote for suresh punjabi's class..
    gud way of expression.!!

    Keep it Up!!

  2. OMG!! Tats awesome T....

    So much of emotions locked in you,
    The blank paper silence waves a sad adieu....