Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Grand Entrance

Two things that may strike you as you view my page…Its cheery pink and the name “My bathroom Mirror”, not necessarily in the same order though. : )

The reason for the former is very simple…I love pink and most of my bum chums would have just about had enough of that colour about me.
The reason for the latter is slightly more complicated; as most second reasons are, for eg: you tell your guy you want to break up with him, he asks you why, your first reason? we don’t gel. Comes another why? And there, right there you are stuck groping for the second reason.

I came across this poem during my literature class years back. It was titled “The Mirror” by Sylvia Plath. It struck a chord. It was indeed terribly disturbing and yet, in it sat a grain of truth.
I assessed the poem not from the mirror’s point of view (as the poem goes) but from that of the lady looking into it. I was the lady. Imagine if that mirror actually had a mind of its own…what would it be thinking as I stare into it every day… sometimes with a goofy grin, smearing toothpaste flecks across it in the morning, sometimes with pursed lips pursing acting like a wannabe model or whispering sweet nothings intended for someone special or maybe shedding silent tears of pain…

My blog represents my mirror’s blog, hence titled “My Bathroom Mirror”.
Let’s take a look at my life from that clear, cool piece of glass on my bathroom wall.

Surreal but here goes…


  1. Interesting a child i used to think that someone down in the future was reading a book about me :) and that today was a page outta that book! aren't u glad u have a nutty friend like me who can relate to ur concept of the mirror! ;)

    Welcome to blogosphere!I'm sure ull rock it...

    P.S: Don't smile too much reading this and look into the may crack :D

  2. hey! Welcome to blogspot...!! Hope to find interesting reflections of your life.. through your bathroom mirror [:)]

  3. tin tin i cant wait to read more:)

  4. ....interestin stuff teens!!!!!!!...sounds good!

  5. Love the perspective! :)