Friday, February 5, 2016

"Wanderer above the sea of fog"- inspired by the painting

Art has always held a special place in my heart. Expressive paintings capture my imagination in the blink of an eye. I can sit for hours trying to interpret the thought behind the brush strokes. Honestly, i was never a fan of landscape paintings but "Wanderer above the sea of fog" by Caspar David Friedrich was one to treasure. It is the inspiration behind this poem. I've retained the name as it lends its special charm to my work.

He could feel the mountain
Rumble beneath his feet
He raised up his eyes
And the sun they did meet

His coat flapped in the chill
Winds with a mind of their own
They made love to the trees
He heard them moan

White softness filled the ground below
Emptying out the golden sun
Filling in with glee
A little darkness, a little fun

His mind roamed disturbed
To his wife and child
To whom he'd entoned
"I shall see you in a while"

A white hole much like black
Called up to him with magical malice
He looked into the whiteness
And saw only silence

It's stillness made his heart hum
So many emotions ran amuck
His chest heaved in want
He longed to leap like a majestic buck

The hand around his walking stick tightened
His body tried talking sense
His mind, an entity all it's own
Coaxed him to dance in the fog so dense

Eyes now shut
He craved a decision
Move back and into life
Or move forward and live as part of this vision

Black mountain tips
Like exotic fingers beckon
The man on the mountain
A wanderer he reckons

Wander he must, to wander he wants
Life had plans, he was forced to move on
His world in black and white
And he was but a mere pawn

Set me free
To the whiteness he begged
Make me alive
And inched forward his legs

A change of heart
His wife and child in its chamber
He retreated backward quietly
Distancing him from delicious danger

All of a sudden his world stood clear
His humming heart rose to a roar
Throwing aside his stick and coat
The eagle inside him soared

He ran toward the precipice
He ran forward with all he could give
He spread his wings
And dived into the whiteness to live

The whiteness accepted him
And they became one
Then together they floated over everything
His journey had finally begun


  1. A very inspirational and impressive piece of poetry that you have written and shared with us. The painting says a lot about these thoughts and expressions. Thank you for sharing.

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