Friday, July 24, 2015

Who you are

What do I tell you sister
On your big day?
What advice do I give you
What do I say?

May your dreams come true
Is a tale so old
May you be happy
Has too much been told

What if I ask you
To be who you are today
To be that amazing woman
That’s what I would want to say

To be your bold self
To let your heart rule
And stay true to yourself
Through and through

Your unbreakable spirit
Your amazing will
Your beautiful aura
That seeks life out as a thrill

With fire in your heart
And steel in your eyes
Be just who you are
Happiness will find you, you won’t even have to try


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  2. Thank you. I am glad you liked my poem. However, my blog has nothing to do with bathroom interior design so i would appreciate no suggestions and ads toward that area :) thanks again :)