Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Days of the week

Some days see me lying on the ground
Just lying there without a sound
Watching a rainbow split the sky the in two
like a sundae of white and blue

Some days see me without a minute
At the end of the day I wonder how I did it
A crazy marathon run hour after hour
With some memories sweet and some a little sour

Some days leave me all giggles
I laugh and laugh until my tummy wiggles
What reason for, like yeah I would know
Just tell me a joke and there I go!

Some days see me so much in love
With my son, with myself, with god up above
I immerse myself in complete delight
And hold onto to happiness so very tight

Some days see me a complete mess
So conked out from all the stress
That's when chocolate holds my hand
What I would do without you I wouldn't understand

Some days see me with a calm soul
I feel so at peace, warm soup in a bowl
Like the smell of patchouli in a steaming bath
Like coffee and cake, well you do the math

Some days see me wanting more
I paddle and paddle but I still don't see the shore
And those are the days I wonder when
I'll reach where I want to and then...


  1. Wow...brought a smile to my face.

    The image and the following words go really well together.

    keep blogging.

    1. So glad u liked it! And thank you for the encouragement!

  2. It is really beautiful teens.. You have a way with words.. I go through all these emotions too.. and often wonder if Iam weird..glad to know that Im not the only one..:)


    1. U, me and the entire female population fall under the weird category then! Lol! So happy u liked it girl!