Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I saw pregnant grey clouds float by
As I sat on my porch sipping chai

A foreboding clap rings through the skies
Then came a flash of light that never lies

My white tablecloth flutters slightly
And leaves run across my lawn so sprightly

The lake behind my house starts a slow dance
Trees dance along as if in a trance

Grey runs thick into the air
And a howl of wind rushes past my chair

Leaves play hide, seek and run
With their losing playmate the now dull sun

A different smell crowds all around
And a chill with its wings surround

Everything and anything and a whole lot more
A lone bird cries, who knows what for?

Turbulent; the gossip of the clouds
As they inch closer to clear their doubts

A tiny plane far away strives and struggles
To make its way home; efforts doubled

My fluttering tablecloth picks up speed
As winds whip through it like a dirty deed

My roses sink into the ground
My lillies are nowhere to be found

Just then a crystal shatters right on my cheek
I stare up at the sky that looked oh so bleak

Like the love of a mother, the rain came down
A sheer sheet of liquid in which I could drown

My half empty chai cup filled to the brim
Wiping away thoughts of everything grim

The soil wore a necklace of emerald and pearl
The smell of wet soil made my insides curl

The pleasure, the happiness of rain profound
Soaking me to the bone and then to the ground

Someone screamed at me to run inside
My heart screamed back "oh! Never mind!"

There I sat white kurtha, cup and all
Just sat there and let the rain fall


  1. Nothing like getting wet in the rain. Thankfully it was raining in the night and leaving the day clear for me to explore the place (am in cochin now)

    1. Absolutely! There's something so uplifting about it! It might not be raining right now but it sure will soon! :D

  2. "Rain. Rain. Don't go away. Come again and come to stay. 'Neath the showers, we'd like to play." ... One word, flood.

    Beautifully penned. I love the imagery used here. And I love rains but not the stinking mud that carries on an eternally sticky love affair with the soles of my shoes.

    1. Ha ha! U and me.both enigma! Thank u so much