Friday, July 4, 2014

Best Friends, Breakfast and Borosil

There's nothing more enticing than a beautifully put together English breakfast. Waking up to the smells of freshly brewed coffee and baked muffins teamed with the sizzle of frying bacon is a sure boost right out of bed.
A sumptuous English Breakfast for two best friends is in my opinion the perfect meal.
There's nothing like visual appeal when it comes to food. One always tends to devour a feast with ones eyes even before a morsel of food touches ones lips. 
The plating of food is as important as good seasoning. I like viewing my food from all dimensions. Glassware from is thus the perfect plating medium to achieve this visual ecstasy. Borosil Glassware has been incorporated into each aspect of this delicious meal to give a big edge to presentation and reheating options.

The perfect meal to start my day with would be a delight to not only my sense of taste but also to my sense of sight, sound, smell and touch.
I always start my breakfast with a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The juice would be ice cold and sweet, covering the Vision Jug Set set in chilled dew. Each droplet of moisture dripping down the jug makes ones mouth ache for a sip of fresh juice.
I love omelettes. So without a doubt, the star of the meal, would be a beautifully prepared omelette. According to me, the perfect omelette would have a golden crispy edging with its steaming insides fluffy and soft. Mushroom cheese omelettes would surely hit the spot. The button mushrooms would be lightly sauteed in butter, smothered with salty, stringy, oozy mozzarella and stuffed inside the omelettes. Each omelette would be served hot from the pan onto a Mini Plate Set, which is apt for small get togethers and single serve portions. Each dish can be reheated in the microwave just before serving to ensure that the omelette stays warms and the cheese melts a little more coating the mushrooms just right. With each bite one can savour the cottony yellow of the egg, the umami flavor of the mushrooms and the comfort of melted cheese. 

Of course eggs would never be complete without bacon and sausages. The sausages are cocktail, the mixture of meats lends a rich flavor to the meal. They are lightly browned till their skins crack slightly letting their juices run free. The bacon has to be crisp. Pan fried till they curl under pressure from the heat, crackling and popping until they achieve a rich mahogany hue. To add another flavor profile to the distinctive smokiness of the bacon, some honey is smeared atop the fried strips and a final minute in the oven for sweet, savory, crispy succulence.
Both the bacon and the sausages would be served in individual Mini Oval Dishes along with tongs. As the bowls are oval shaped, perfectly complimenting the shape of the  meats, it enhances access without the tongs hitting the sides of the bowls.

Like yin and yang, we have a selection of sweet offerings to balance out the savory portion of the breakfast. The Round Variety Platter display plate would be perfect for sweet treats as it boasts of a multidimensional view with easy to carry facility. On it would be arranged a selection of mini muffins: plain, moist buttery crusted, crunchy oatmeal and delicious, plump raisin topped, light and airy filled with fresh summery blueberries and a decadent double chocolate chockful with melt in the mouth chocolate chips.
On the side we also have freshly prepared waffles served in a Fluted Dish The fluted dish would ensure that waffles retain their shape and be plate ready always. They would be paired with a selection of toppings. Unctuous melted butter, sweet and golden maple syrup and rich melted chocolate hazelnut spread. Each topping would be served in individual Small Glass Katories that are perfect for liquids, syrups and small portions of sides.

My friend and I love multigrain bread. Slices of multigrain bread would be toasted to golden perfection and arranged in a Loaf Dish and served  along with luscious mixed fruit jam and chunky cubes of butter presented in individual Baby Gourmet Bowls. These bowls have smart lids that can be sealed to ensure that the jam and butter do not lose their coolness. They can also be placed directly into the fridge for a quick chill without fear of cracking. 
To tie all the above mentioned goodness together we need coffee and fresh cut fruit. Juicy slices of musk melon, tiny red jewels of pomegranate, plump, tart strawberries and slices of fresh cut dewy papaya complete the menagerie of fruits arranged in a Mixing Bowl. Rainbow like when viewed through the bowl.

I love the colour of perfectly brewed coffee. With the Carafe with Strainer in Lid one indulge ones sight in pure liquid gold, breathing in the soothing aroma of coffee before pouring it into Classic Mugs. And if the coffee needs to be re heated, it's as simple as putting the carafe back on the stove and heating it directly. Milk and sugar can added according to ones taste from aesthetically appealing glass Milk and Sugar Pots

Lovely conversation and an aromatic cup of hot coffee completes the perfect breakfast get together.