Monday, June 30, 2014

A "Happily ever after"...Guaranteed!

This is my entry for the bloggers competition. We had to choose an interesting personality and write about his or her hypothetical shopping experience at .

The personality I chose is CINDERELLA. The scene unfolds with  conversation between Cinderella and her fairy godmother who unfortunately has run out of magic to fix up the princess for her big dance and thusly happily ever after. So how was the problem solved?  Read on!


Cinderella: "But you're a fairy godmother! How could you run out of clothes?"

Fairy Godmother: "Oh honey! You won't believe the number of fairy tale princesses I've had to dress over time and believe me I have run out of clothes and shoes and accessories!"

C: "But godmother! I have a ball in 4 days! I have to attend it. After all I am sure I will meet my prince charming there!"

FGM: "Look Cinderella darling! Snow white took the last few ball gowns I had in stock. And I don't even want to mention that fashionista sleeping beauty! Her dress spree had stopped when she was under the sleeping spell but now that she's up, she's totally exhausted my dress and accessories collection!"

C: "That snow white! So selfish! This is life and death godmother!  Don't you want me to have my happily ever after?"

FGM: Of course Cinderella! The fairy godmother association guarantees princesses a 99% success rate at love. But this was an oversight really. I don't have anything to help you with right now. I can lend you my coach and horses but your attire is a problem."

C: "What am I going to do? I will be the laughing stock at the princess kitty party! I am the only princess left who hasn't found a prince!"

FGM: "Ok look. I can help you. But this has to remain secret for a while! I don't want you to go blabbering to that bubblehead best friend of yours. That mermaid ariel."

C: "I promise godmother! Cross my heart and hope that the clock strikes 12 five minutes before!"

FGM: "Hmmm. Fine! Us godmothers have been developing something with the help of the great wizard Merlin. An amazing portal that would help lessen the burden on us godmothers. It's something you have never ever seen or heard of before."

C: "Oh wow! Sounds magical!  What is it? What is it?"

FGM: "Online shopping with the help of"

C: "Online what? Bagga what?"

FGM: "Oh you silly girl! a collection of the most fabulous shopping sites and deals any fairy princess would love to explore! Do you want to be the first?"

C: "Is my slipper made of glass?"

FGM: "Don't be cocky now. Here, look into this magic mirror. Merlin calls it a tablet; thought it's neither the size nor edible but who's to argue with a wizard? Anyway, you enter and presto you enter a world of fashion loveliness!"

C: "Oh sweet Merlin! This is fabulous! Look at all the places I can shop in! Flipkart, myntra, jabong...! The list seems endless!"

FGM: "Yes dearie! All you have to do is register with your name and details and you are free to shop for the dress and accessories of your choice!"

C: "This is perfect godmother! I love you! I'm going to start right away!"


FGM: "Well? How's it going Cindy girl?"

C: "Wow! I am in love with online shopping! Not only did I get the perfect dress and shoes in my size amd  beautiful accessories to compliment my dress I also got them at just the right amount of gold coins! I even got to save some coins! Infact I can pay them when they deliver! So I will be getting my allowance from my stepmother by then!"

FGM: "See! I told you you would love it! What else did you search for?"

C: "I was able to get some beautiful household articles to help me with my cleaning, not to mention curtains and bedsheets! And I got the perfect gift to present prince charming with! A lovely perfume and a grooming kit! He is sure to fall in love with me a 100 times over!"

FGM: "How lovely! I thought you might take longer to decide! After all girls just can't make up their minds!"

C: "Oh no! shows all the lastest and most fashionable products at one go so all I had to do was check it out! Plus I could see what my rival princesses were going to wear! I almost bought the same gown as Princess jasmine but then I saw what she had selected and changed immediately. To think I would have shown up wearing the same thing as Alladin's wife is just too much to bear!"

FGM: "Yes, yes! Two princesses one gown. The "Daily Courtesan" would have a field day!"

C: "They said they would deliver my purchases at the earliest and guess what the best part is? I also got coupons to use for the next time I shop! Which means I can save more gold coins!"

FGM: "See! I told you it would be magic! Oh! I see your shopping basket is really heavy!"

C: "Oh yes!  I bought a lot more stuff! But I thought I would get them a little later because I need to compare and maybe change as per better offers and discounts! This is so exciting! Such amazing everything! Just you wait Snow White and Sleeping Beauty! I'll show you who the fashionista is!"

FGM: "So are we all set for the ball and your Prince Charming?"

C: "Oh yes! So ready for the ball. But I think I'll do without Prince Charming, after all, with, I'm sure to get my happy ending without any hassle or time deadlines!"

FGM: "I think I've created a shopping monster! Sorry Prince Charming!

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