Saturday, February 22, 2014

Scaredy Cat: A Poem

Why oh why does this happen
To me of all the living
Right when I thought
My fear...away It must be giving

Posterior suddenly frozen
I sat, warm popcorn in hand
While my mouse of a mind
Took me on a ride to scary land

Why oh why do I do this
Why do I give myself such a fright
Stupid mind stupid mind
Do you even get my poor heart's plight?

Alone I had to be tonight
And that too with a horror movie
Be it cheerful morning time
I would have just said phooie

It was about a girl homealone
Exactly like how I was
And in enters the monster
Spraying blood as thick as sauce

My mouth chews rhythmically
Stuffed full with popcorn
Tension popping my every vein
Fingernails with tension torn

And that's when I heard it
A lone sqeak, a tiny thud
My breath shuddered to a halt
My legs turned to squelchy mud

From the kitchen I fear
That scary noise came
Dare I go check?
Sigh! I wish I wasn't so tame.

So I ignored the sound
And blamed it on my imagination
And started watching the movie
Despite my trepidation

For a while all seemed fine
And engaged in the movie I was
And then again came that horrid thud
My breath drew to a loss

For some reason the remote
Seemed a good weapon enough
So I picked it up from the couch
And tried to make myself tough

There was utter silence in the house
A scary ache that couldn't be hid
My heart was a racehorse in heat
But tip toed to the kitchen I did

It's funny how the best places
Seem the scariest at night
The kitchen with such yummy delights
Seems to give me such a fright

I clicked on the switch
But wouldn't you have it
The light seemed to have fizzled out
Just wouldn't you know it

So I peered through the kitchen
In semi darkness I stood shaking
And slowly made my way inside
With my soul ripe for the taking

The dripy faucet that could never be fixed
The soothing hum of the fridge
The squeaky linoleum floor
The table where mum played bridge

Everything seemed to be in place
And nothing looked out of turn
So jumping to conclusions seemed a lesson
That I took forever to learn

And just when I felt my poor heart
Return to normal pace
Right behind me I heard the thud and sigh
A breath of hot air right next to my face

My legs turned to jelly
And my eyes began to tear
But I decided once and for all
To face what I did fear

I did turn slowly
Much at the pace of snails
Well it was the max I could do
When my back was being raked by nails

And finally I faced what I feared
And my mouth it just fell slack
And right when a scream escaped my throat
The screen just faded to black

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