Monday, January 20, 2014

Moth and the Flame

I am in flames
Burnt by the accursed lava
Pouring from your molten smile
Your nightshade eyes
They poison me thoroughly
With every glance thrown
Needles naught fingers
Pierce clean into my bones
And grind against me
I am skinned alive
Your sandpaper touch threatens
To bring out bright flesh
Your breath, drug like
Homogenised with air
Draws me into its death grip
Sucrose words you spit
Into my brain
Cleaves away at my gray
A laugh of snake venom
Trickles slowly into my ear
A roaring deafness ensues
My soul you have raped
My identity you have claimed
My shell you obliterate
And yet I come to you
My toxic fire
Beating my silken moth wings
In time
To my own funeral song

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