Friday, September 16, 2011

Daddy's Little Darling

She had wanted to see the world, to her daddy she said
Right from where she lay on her warm little bed
Her daddy loved his little girl and could only comply
So, he took her in his loving arms and slowly let her fly
Amidst raindrops and fluffy clouds
Amidst brilliant rainbows and white down
Her eyes sparkled at the beauty she saw
A laugh escaped her lips, something her daddy longed for.
She held up her hands as she was lifted up high
A heavenly star flew past her ever so shy.
She saw enormous mountains and jeweled waterfalls
She was a child of the earth after all.
Her sight held nothing but delight and pure wonder
To see her that way, her daddy would bottle thunder
A little queen of sorts, her kingdom she surveyed
Reaching over baby pillows that formed a tiny barricade
Her light brown hair flew against the breeze
And she smoothed down her yellow dress as pretty as you please
Her daddy could watch her all night long
So would she as she waited for the bell's "Ting Tong"
Her daddy would be home then, this she knew
He would come and show her the world in a minute or two
As he took her in his arms, she would mouth silent words
She would ask him about everything he saw, be it a butterfly, be it birds.
And her daddy would laugh with delight and raise her way up high
So that she could see what he saw by and by
As she played happily with shooting stars
She could see her Daddy's adoring smile from afar
And though she loves the world, she would want to return
Because her Daddy loves her the most, this she had learnt
And though she is the center of many a universe
She knows once and for all that her Daddy's love is only hers.


  1. that was awesome!!!it rly describes the way urmil luks ftr her!!!

  2. she who is a perfect blend of warmth & vibrancy goes by the name of Teenu Terrence in my world...

  3. Awesome lines abt amazing lil wonder.Keep Blogging Teenu.

  4. Very nice one urmil bhai :)

  5. Awesome... too gud... Let The love for the lil one go on and on and on....